A gated driveway provides increased security and privacy, but it does need to be maintained. Many driveway gates are made of durable steel, but the welded joints on the gate are weak points that can occasionally suffer damage.

1. Poor Operation

Your gate should open and close smoothly, whether you normally open it manually or if it's automatic. If the gate gets stuck easily or stutters and shakes when moving, then friction may be the cause. Friction can be a result of bent components or broken pieces on the main framework or supports that make up the gate. A repair service can cut out the damaged pieces and weld in new ones. 

2. Warped Hang

As welds give out, the gate may not be able to support its own weight as well. When this happens the gate will sag or become bowed downward, which affects operation and looks bad. Welding in new supports and replacing the old weld on existing undamaged supports can provide the necessary support for a well-functioning gate.

3. Rusty Joints

Welds can be prone to rusting if the metal isn't properly sealed afterward. If you notice rust on your older steel gate, particularly at weld joints, then repairs are needed before the welds fail. The old welds will be sanded down to remove any rust, then fresh welds will be done to repair the joint. Finally, the gate will be painted or sealed to prevent the chances of future rust formation. 

4. Noisy Operation

Gates should open fairly quietly, with little more than the hum of the motor on automatic gates. If the gate sounds like it is grinding or if it squeals upon opening, there is a friction issue somewhere. Sometimes the issue is the motor or tracks, but it can also be caused by failing welds that are allowing the gate to hang askew so that it doesn't move as smoothly in the tracks as it should. 

5. Loose Parts

Damaged gate welds don't always affect operation. Instead, they can be a cosmetic problem. Loose pickets and ornamental work on the main body of the gate can be caused by aging or from outside damage, such as an impact from a car bumper. These loose pieces should be welded back in place to maintain both the appearance and integrity of the gate.

Contact a service that offers damaged steel gate welding, such as Rogers Welding and Fabrication, if you need more assistance.