Once you acquire a commercial property to run your operations out of, you must secure this property so that your employees, customers, and valuables are protected. For some business owners, this simply means buying the first fencing solution they come across that fits within their budget, but your finances are not the only factors to consider.

What you need to bear in mind is that your choice of commercial fencing will not only dictate its functionality but will also determine how much money you would have to spend on upkeep and repairs, both of which contribute to your cost of ownership. To make sure that you will not be remorseful about your decision, it is best to discuss your options with your commercial fencing builders exhaustively. This piece highlights a couple of elements to discuss with commercial fence contractors before installation.

Properties of the fence

When you start shopping for commercial fencing, you probably assume that choosing a material will be the only decision you will have to make, but you would be grossly mistaken. Although fencing materials will dictate various factors, such as the durability of the fence and its robustness, there are additional properties that you need to be cognizant of so that you are assured that the commercial fencing will be up to the task.

A few of the additional properties to discuss with your commercial fencing contractors include the security features that can work in tandem with the fence, the privacy of the fence as well as the scalability of the fence. As an example, some business owners may want to be able to see outside the fenced perimeter so they may find chain link fencing an appropriate solution. Nevertheless, when it comes to accessing your property, chain link fencing will be highly scalable.

Positioning of entry points

Some business owners tend to get caught up in the excitement of whittling down commercial fencing options and forget about the placement of entry points, yet you need to factor in these areas, as they are what will provide you, your employees, and your security team access into the commercial property. The biggest mistake that you can make is to keep these entry points out of sight thinking that intruders will not be able to identify them. In truth, motivated burglars will take the time to scope out your commercial property to find areas with minimal visibility and limited security. To ensure that they do not take advantage of these out-of-sight access points, you would need to pay for additional security personnel and accessories such as CCTV cameras to deter criminals. A better solution would be to discuss appropriate entry points with your commercial fence builders so they can position gates or security doors strategically.