Wood fences are natural, easy to assemble, and attractive. But so often, they start looking worn and broken prematurely. There's nothing you can do to make a wood fence last forever. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to help your wood fence look its best for longer. 

Apply waterproof sealer on a regular basis.

A waterproof sealer will help prevent your wood fence from absorbing water and beginning to rot. These sealers are pretty easy to brush onto a fence. Check the instructions to see how often you're meant to apply the sealer. While some sealers need to be applied annually, others only need to be applied every few years. Make sure you apply the sealer when the fence is dry and clean, as this will ensure a better bond between the wood and the sealer.

Don't let vines grow up your fence.

You might have seen photos of vines growing up wooden fences and thought that this made for a beautiful look. But while vines can be beautiful, they are also harmful to a wooden fence. Constant contact with plant matter can cause the wood fence to break down and rot prematurely. If you like the vine look, consider setting up a trellis for your vines to grow. It's cheaper to replace a small trellis than to replace an entire wooden fence.

Don't sit or lean on the fence.

Sitting on or leaning on the fence once or twice is unlikely to cause harm. But doing this repeatedly can cause the posts to sink deeper into the soil. Once this process begins, the fence may start leaning, which certainly does not look nice. If you have kids, make sure they know not to climb or sit on the wooden fence, too.

Pressure wash the fence occasionally.

Pressure washing the fence too often may erode away the waterproof sealer. However, the occasional power washing session will get rid of grime or dirt that could accelerate the fence's deterioration. A good strategy is to power wash the fence a few days before you plan on applying a new coat of sealer. Let the fence dry for a few days, and then move on to the sealing step.

If you take good care of your wood fence, it will serve you for a longer time. Follow the tips above, and don't hesitate to ask your fence installer for more advice.