If you need a new perimeter fence for your yard, then look at the classic option that is wrought iron. There are many reasons why this can be the best type of fence for your home. 

1. It's The Last Fence You Need to Buy

Wrought iron could very well be the most durable and long-lasting fencing option available. With proper maintenance, a wrought iron fence is virtually indestructible so you won't need to replace the fence again. Wrought iron fences can even be returned to like-new condition with a bit of scrubbing and paint. This makes them an excellent investment for your home. 

2. Classic Design for Any Home Style

The best fencing options are just as attractive as they are useful. Wrought iron is one of the more ornate and attractive fencing options available. You can find it in classic designs with spiked finials and decorative filigree molded into the pickets. You can also put in modern wrought iron fencing, which has clean lines and classic designs that complement newer home styles. Your fencing won't look dated in a few years if you opt for wrought iron.

3. Multiple Security Options Available

Although wrought iron isn't a solid fencing option, it is still a secure fencing option. Wrought iron pickets are typically designed to be close enough so no one can squeeze through. Further, one can't easily cut through wrought iron as they would chainlink. Wrought iron fencing is secured into the ground permanently with concrete footings. You can also add further security features, such as spiked pickets or an angled top panel. This will discourage climbers from scaling the fence and getting into your yard. 

4. Straightforward Maintenance Needs

Caring for wrought iron is extremely straightforward. As a general rule, if the paint is in good condition then the fencing doesn't need maintenance. If the paint is flaking or you see rust spots, then it is time to sand off any rust and apply a fresh coat of outdoor wrought iron enamel. Other than this, wrought iron typically requires no maintenance. 

5. Easy Repairs and Alterations

The benefit of working with iron is that it can be repaired and altered with just a bit of heat and skill. Although rare, pickets can become bent or broken. Fortunately, a bit of welding and cutting will quickly repair the damage. You can even have the fence altered, such as if you want to put in an additional gate. In comparison, modern fencing materials, like vinyl, can't be altered or repaired as easily.

Contact a wrought iron fencing dealer and installer if you would like to learn more about all of the available options.