Building and maintaining a fence around your home will keep out those nosy neighbors, protect you from anyone looking to harm you and your family, and protect you from those who want to steal or damage your property. If you are looking into hardening your home security, fence builders can install several features to make your home's defenses stronger.

1. Strengthen Posts With Concrete Footings

A fence builder will work with you to install concrete footings along your property line, which will prevent intruders from digging under your fence and gaining access to your yard. These concrete foundations also prevent fence posts from being pushed over by large vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, allowing for one less entry point for criminals to use.

2. Install Concertina Wire

One of the most effective ways for fence builders to increase your home's security is to install concertina wire. Concertina wire is razor-sharp and cannot be easily cut with shears or regular scissors. 

By attaching concertina wire around your perimeter, you can effectively prevent intruders from entering your property. Installing concertina wire on existing fences presents a strong deterrent to anyone trying to climb over it.

3. Install a High-Security Gate

There are several types of security gates, including sliding and swing, each with its own benefits. Whether you choose to install an automated swinging gate or opt for a manual sliding system, upgrading your property will greatly increase its overall value in terms of appearance and protection. A professional fence builder can install a high-security gate with secure locking mechanisms to secure entry.

4. Install Motion Detectors and CCTV

Motion sensors and closed-circuit TV cameras are two low-cost security measures that can deter criminals. Ensure any sensors you install have backup power in case of an outage. Fence builders can also install security cameras at intervals along your property line. 

If someone crosses your property, it's easier for police to track them down if they know exactly where they went over. Cameras also make great evidence if something does happen on your property.

5. Install Floodlights

Most burglars prefer to strike under the cover of darkness when they can't be seen. Installing outdoor lighting is one easy way to deter criminals and make sure your home is more visible during those hours. All you need are motion-detecting floodlights. With these lights installed, intruders will easily be spotted in their bright light and deterred from approaching the fence.

A strong, secure fence plays a big role in safeguarding your family's farewell and protecting your precious assets. Contact fence builders to explore ways of hardening your home defenses. 

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