More and more restaurant goers today prefer an outdoor dining option. In most locales, it makes sense to use some sort of commercial fence to enclose your dining patios. The following should be considered when deciding upon a fence for your restaurant. 

1. Protection  

Protecting your staff and customers is of top importance, especially if your outdoor dining area is next to a road or parking lot. You don't want a vehicle collision to lead to a deadly crash on your dining patio. Barrier-style fencing, which features reinforced steel or concrete posts designed to stop a vehicle, can add safety without detracting from appearances.

2. Privacy

Not all locations or restaurant styles vibe with putting diners on display. If your style is more private dining rather than a street view cafe, consider the height and solidity of the fence. One way to keep the space feeling open while still providing privacy is to use solid fencing for the first few feet of fence height, then use a trellis or open picket style around the top of the fence. 


If your restaurant has a view, such as at a waterfront bistro, then you want to accentuate it with the fencing option. Glass railing style fences make it seem as if there is nothing between your diners and the view. Iron or aluminum railing fences are also relatively open so the view isn't blocked, and these styles work well in both urban and resort settings. Conversely, if the view leaves much to be desired, a solid fence such as wood or vinyl provides screening. 

4. Maintenance

With a restaurant to run, the last thing you want to worry about is the fence. If low maintenance is important, look at materials that don't require painting or frequent repairs. For example, wood is very high maintenance, while aluminum and vinyl fencing is virtually maintenance-free. Wrought iron is also low maintenance, although it will require infrequent repainting to prevent rust. 

5. Customization

Nearly any type of fence can be customized to match your restaurant's theme and decor. Fencing is available in any color you desire, including custom colors and multiple color options. You can have a mural painted on a vinyl, wood, or stone fence, or choose custom picket shapes and styles on iron and aluminum fencing. Fences can also be built to the exact specifications and needs of your restaurants, which includes height, access points, and gate placements. 

Contact a commercial fence installation service for more information.