Fencing can improve home value and boost your property's security. Permanent fences are a common choice for homeowners due to their longevity. While these are excellent options, consider fence rental installations, and here's why. 

Land Utilization Efficiency

Permanent fences may act as barriers to ongoing projects, such as construction on your property. For instance, permanent fencing may limit the movement of construction equipment and employees to certain areas. In such cases, you may need to bring down your permanent fence, which may be time-consuming. Also, fence destruction may lead to losses, ultimately lowering your project's efficiency. Temporary fencing is removable, allowing efficient land use.


Building a permanent fence can be costly. That's because you need to purchase fence materials and pay for installation. Additionally, you may be required to pay permit fees for your fence construction. With temporary fencing, you avoid the expenses of purchasing fence materials and paying for the setup. Ideally, temporary fences come ready to set up, and you only pay the rental fees for the period you need the fencing. Besides, working with an affordable fence rental service can help you cut down on your fencing costs significantly.


Temporary fence rental options are diverse for various applications. For instance, the fences are available as metal panels or blocks of different heights, designs, and lengths. Thus, you can use temporary fencing for boundary identification, advertising, and security. Likewise, you can rent a temporary fence to achieve privacy during an event or constrain your farm animals to a specific area for a short time as you renovate your farm structures. Hence, you can never miss the perfect temporary fence for your needs.

Land Disturbance Minimization

There may be extensive land disturbance during the construction of permanent fences. For instance, you may need to dig trenches for the foundation. This may risk damage to underground structures like plumbing systems. So, you may need to move these underground structures. These excavation activities may cause permanent changes to your land. Temporary fence rental options don't require extensive digging works, which helps minimize land disturbances.

Space Limitation Minimization

If you want permanent fencing, you need to allocate adequate space on your property to your fence. However, you may experience space limitations if your land isn't spacious. Fortunately, temporary fences can overcome space limitations because you only require them for a specific period. Therefore, you don't need to set aside some space on your property for fence installation.

Fence rental installations minimize land disturbance and space limitations, save money, and encourage land utilization efficiency. Consider renting a temporary fence for these reasons.

Contact a local fence rental service, such as Statewide Rent-A-Fence Of Oregon Inc., to learn more.